2018 - #1 Jan. Meeting Notes

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2018 - #1 Jan. Meeting Notes
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:48:02 AM »
2018 January Meeting

January 27th Event:
119 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 4:00pm
Course Designer: Federico Del Toro

34 Novices
    1st - Erick Vazquez (Fiesta ST, STX)
    2nd - Pablo Gonzales (S2000, STR)
    3rd - Gregory Lewis (Mini Cooper, DS)

Old Business
End of Year Party was fantastic.  Better lighting, no more being cramped in a small room, and excellent audio.  Food was so-so according to some, can’t win them all.
R-PAX is in effect starting with this past event #01.  One person got through registration without a T or R, other than that we had 4 people in R and 7 people in T. 

New Business
We started Heat 1 with the finish pointing towards the North-East corner, where we’re not supposed to end courses.  A car with bald front tires lost control and hit the brick wall.  A change to the course was made to make a straight-lined finish, 4th runs were redone, & run-count was dropped from 6 to 5.  The driver was checked out by another attendee with an abrasion from the airbag and complaint of lower back-pain but the driver mentioned that was just aggravation from a previous condition.  BoD and people at the event urged him to get checked out at a medically facility.  The front tires on the car seemed to have little to no tread which is probably why they slid far enough to contact the wall in the wet conditions.

Mini-Divisional coming up at the beginning of March.  SASCA hosting Day 1 at RCCC and Spokes hosting Day 2 at SAR.  Shall we make plans to host an after-party at the park or another venue that we can rent out?  Things to consider, the park was pretty nice last time but weather conditions just happened to be wet and cold.  The venue was big enough but more food needs to be ordered this time around.  We had about 15-18 people last year attend.
Discussion Notes (January)
Evo school discussion.  We need to see if enough people want to register to make it worthwhile.
New-in wet conditions, the finish shall be 100 feet from obstructions.
Mini-Div event in March with Spokes. Get the Pavillion in New Braunfels Park again?
Anyone have a contact at Rolling Oaks Mall? Possible site?
Next meeting will be at Blanco BBQ. Will put out a call for new sites if that doesn't work well.
VetMotorSports will be at the next 2 events. Drew Malkin is contact.

Upcoming Events
Feb 4        -     Spokes #01 @ CotA
Feb 17        -    SASCA #02 @ RCCC
March 10    -    SASCA #03 @ RCCC     (Mini-Div Day 1 w/ Spokes)
March 11    -    Spokes #02 @ SAR         (Mini-Div Day 2 w/ Spokes)