2017 - #11 Nov Meeting Notes

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2017 - #11 Nov Meeting Notes
« on: November 10, 2017, 10:40:52 AM »
2017 November Meeting

November 4th Event:
120 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:30pm
Course Designer: Vivek Goel

28 Novices
    1st - Blake Vignaud (Fiesta ST, HS)
    2nd - Matthew Morhardt (Miata, CS)
    3rd - Reagan Murray (Miata, STS)

Old Business
Laminator purchased, signs created for pre-reg and non-pre-reg sides of the trailer as well as notices for Sound Rules and changes for 2018 season (price increase). 
End of Year Party has been reserved at Alamo Cafe on 281/Bitters for January 13th, 2018. (put on calendar)
Sound station was set up and ran through this event.  Several people were breaching sound over 100 dB.

New Business
Evo School has contacted us to schedule another 2-day event.  Ricky Crow will find out more information in regards to what time of year they would prefer and what type of school to host (Phase 1 & 2, or Phase 1 and Challenge School).  It was also discussed to consider SASCA hosting its own 1-day School or several in-event schools.
Adam White noticed water on the front desk of the trailer, something to note to look for next time.  It was noted that it was humid that morning/day but seemed more than expected.
Jeff Chesnut has provided the following proposal for Classing in 2018. Voting will be held at the Dec meeting or via email to vote@sasca.org.

2018 SASCA Classing Proposal.

The following SCCA classes shall be combined into the “R” class: SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, SSR, XP, CP, FP, SM, SSM, AM, BM, CM, EM, KM. The “R” Class standings are based on the PAX times generated from the original SCCA class. Anyone running in “R” can opt to run in “Tire” class if they are on 200+ TW tires.

Nominations for BoD and Chairs are currently being accepted in-person or sending an e-mail to nominate@sasca.org.  Once nominations have been accepted they will be announced at the November club meeting; voting for the 5 BOD positions from November until the December meeting can be done in person or by e-mail to vote@sasca.org.  Chairs will be appointed by the BOD in December.
Current BOD:
President: Chris Leclair
Vice President: Diane Stevens Leclair
Treasurer: Michael Roetheli
Secretary: Jeff Chesnut
Past President: Ricky Crow

Current Chairs:
    Novice Chief: Brian Burdette
    Membership: Eric Yee (stepping down)
    Safety Steward: Matt Harrell (stepping down)
    Timing & Scoring: Ricky Crow
    Tech Chief: Alyssa Roetheli
    Worker Chief: Adam White (stepping down)
    Equipment Manager: Jon Parkoff
    Webmasters: Shane Powell & Chris Leclair

Current nominations are:
Jay Cryderman for Membership chair
Kevin Childers & Kevin Rotge for Worker Chief
Clay Brubaker for Safety Steward.  Thom Hardy has nominated himself in case there is no one who steps up for Safety Steward.

Discussion Notes (November)
To Do List

Upcoming Events
Nov 18        -     Spokes #10 @ SAR
Dec 02        -    SASCA #12 @ RCCC
Jan 13          -    SASCA Party @ Alamo Cafe 281
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