2017 - #9 Sept Meeting Notes

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2017 - #9 Sept Meeting Notes
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:24:54 PM »
2017 Sept Meeting

September 23rd Event:
102 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 2:30pm
Course Designer: Federico del Toro

23 Novices
    1st - Brad Williams (FS, Camaro 1LE)
    2nd - Hugo Pastrana (BS, Focus RS)
    3rd - Andrew Morris (FS, BMW 135i) (received trophy at meeting)

Old Business
The SASCA.org domain had expired and renewed this month but enough time passed that the DNS was reset causing the site to go offline.  Found out that John Burgess, a past SASCA Chair was the owner of the domain.  Ricky Crow contacted John Burgess to have them fix the domain name server to point to the host correctly and talk about transferring ownership as well as paying them back for the years they have been renewing.
Ricky Crow purchased a metal plate and we mounted it on the left-side trailer window awning in order to stick the magnetic radio antenna.

New Business
Michael Roetheli talked with the trailer storage facility to move us into a new spot in order to avoid the dust from all of the 18-wheelers that drive by the trailer.
Michael Roetheli brought up the idea of increasing the entry fees again similar to his proposal last year.  Reasoning is that RCCC will not be cutting us a deal and the club is currently breaking even for hosting an event with the current turnout of 100 people.  Jeff Chesnut proposed to announce this to the club to vote on at the next meeting.
Nominations for BoD and Chairs start in September.  If you want to nominate yourself or someone else please let us know during our monthly club meetings or send an e-mail to nominate@sasca.org.  Once nominations have been accepted they will be announced at the November club meeting and votes can be submitted in person or through another e-mail disclosed at that time.
Current BOD:
President: Chris Leclair
Vice President: Diane Stevens Leclair
Treasurer: Michael Roetheli
Secretary: Jeff Chesnut
Past President: Ricky Crow
Current Chairs:
    Novice Chief: Brian Burdette
    Membership: Eric Yee (stepping down)
    Safety Steward: Matt Harrell (stepping down)
    Timing & Scoring: Ricky Crow
Tech Chief: Alyssa Roetheli
    Worker Chief: Adam White (stepping down)
    Equipment Manager: Jon Parkoff
    Webmasters: Shane Powell & Chris Leclair


Discussion Notes (September)
Put up for vote to raise entry-cost to prevent the club from loosing money if under 110 people register. Will vote at the next meeting.
James suggested The Petroleum Club for end of year party.
Join Patterson suggested La Hacienda on Redland for end of year party.

To Do List
Obtain quote to tint the trailer windows with clear/80% tint.
Find location for Year End Party.

Upcoming Events
Oct 1        -    Spokes #10 @ CotA
Oct 14        -     SASCA #10 @ RCCC
Oct 18      -    SASCA Meeting @ Biff Buzby's Burgers