2017 - #7 July Meeting Notes

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2017 - #7 July Meeting Notes
« on: July 25, 2017, 10:27:52 AM »
2017 July Meeting

July 15th Event:
112 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:30pm
Course Designer: Michael Willman

18 Novices
    1st - Benjamin Schwartz (STU, WRX STi)
    2nd - Clayton Deering (STF, Focus ST)
    3rd - Erick Vazquez (STX, Fiesta ST)

Old Business
Metrics: Trailer uses about 2 gallons of diesel fuel per event.
New Trailer Lock installed
Need a cord reel or two for spare power cables
Still need heavier gauge power cable & reel for air compressor
Need a folding ladder to help prop the timing board on top of the trailer
Weighted bags would also help keep the timing board secure on top of the trailer
Any issues with FM reception?  We still need a solution to run a cable outside the trailer.

New Business
Timing Board would power-up with the ‘ready’ indication but would not display times.  Ricky Crow took it home to investigate.
Proposal: Install 80% IR tint on trailer windows to help those on the computer in the morning and help the AC run efficiently through an event.

Discussion Notes (July)
Adam talked about getting a quote for tinting the trailer windows to reduce glare on the timing computers.
Drones were brought up, again. We do not allow them over course, grid or paddock.

To Do List
Purchase heavy gauge power cable & reel for air compressor
Purchase folding ladder to reach top of the trailer
Purchase weighted bags to secure timing board on top of trailer

Upcoming Events
Jul 23        -    Spokes #7 @ CotA
Aug 12        -    SASCA #8 @ RCCC
Aug 27       -   Spokes #8 @San Antonio Raceway