2017 - #5 May Meeting Notes

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2017 - #5 May Meeting Notes
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:29:47 PM »
2017 May Meeting

April 29th Event:
132 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:30pm
Course Designer: Vivek Goel

30 Novices
    1st - William Rhodes (CS, Miata)
    2nd - Ben Gresham (BS, WRX STi)
    3rd - Dylan Cordell (GS, Hyundai Veloster)

Old Business
Transfer to the new trailer was a success.  Over 50 broken cones thrown out.  Lots of old equipment, junk, rusted items all thrown out.  Cabinets labeled.
Live Timing stopped working during Heat 1 but seemed to work after a computer reboot; we’ll keep an eye on this.

New Business
We severely need a computer training day or construct a screen-capture training video.
Diane said BMW club is considering having us host an event.  Xpel as sponsor?
Timing issues in heat 3 due to people getting air and getting in line from there. We will put the air compressor away from the grid traffic.
Need to communicate with course designer on Friday to find out where the start/finish will be so we can put the trailer in a good spot.
Ran out of ice in 3rd heat.
Karting day on May 14. Check Facebook or contact Drew Malkin for more info.
Jeff Chesnut will produce a promo video for the club's homepage.
FAQ for website

To Do List
Ricky will get more water before next event.
More trailer organization.

Upcoming Events
May 21    -    Spokes #5 @ CotA
Jun 2-4    -    SCCA Mineral Wells ProSolo
Jun 10        -    SASCA #6 @ RCCC
Jul 2        -    Spokes #6 @ SAR