Youth Kart Program for SASCA 2017

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Youth Kart Program for SASCA 2017
« on: February 14, 2017, 10:30:56 AM »
Youth Kart Program for SASCA 2017

The meets of April and May 2017 will be used as tune-up, kart set-up and familiarization.  Runs and times to be posted, but points toward championship will not be awarded for finishes during these two meets.

These meets will be used for not only driver training, but also getting karts properly set up concerning ballast, intake restrictors and safety items.

See SCCA rules section 19.2 for allowable engine combination and minimum weights.  Weights are for kart and driver with all safety gear.

The remainder of 2017 (7 meetings) will be used to determine class champs.

SASCA Junior Karting Program

Second Draft


The SASCA Junior Karting program is for racers aged 8 to 18 years old  We follow the SCCA regulations for Junior karting which can be found in Section 19 of the SCCA rulebook.  Also Appendix G and H will apply.

Division are:
JB Drivers age 8 to 12 years old
JA Drivers age 12 to 18 years old

Drivers age 11 at time of their first race of the season will be allowed to finish the calendar year in JB class even though they have turned 12.  They will then compete in JA class for the next season.


All drivers must be registered for the event. Also all drivers must have a minorís waiver on file with SASCA.  Driver will be checked against presence of this waiver at each event and if waiver is not present, driver will be ineligible to compete until a new waiver is completed.

Karts must pass a tech inspection before each event.  Karts must not display any area which if not addressed could cause immediate failure.  It is advised that the kart be inspected before arrival at the event for such things including but not limited to- Wheel bearing adjustment, excessive play in steering linkage and brake system components and throttle return spring effectiveness.

Kart numbers are assigned by registering kart in Axware by class. First come first served as far as number availability.  Numbers should be 8 inches high or as high as your class legal bodywork will allow.  Class letters should be 4 inches tall and numbers and letters should be in a color to provide a high contrast with the bodywork color.


All drivers will make a mandatory walk of the course with Youth steward.  Additional course walks are encouraged. The Driverís Meeting for the kart drivers will immediately proceed the Event meeting. Kart drivers attendance at both meetings is mandatory. Work assignments for Kart drivers will be made by SASCA BOD member in charge.

Whenever not participating in race session or work assignment, Junior kart drivers must be in a ďbuddyĒ system when walking through the site.  This can be with another driver or parent. This is for safety and accountability.


Karts will not be allowed to be driven anywhere but in grid and on the track.  Karts moving from their tow vehicles in the parking lot to kart-grid must be pushed, either on the ground or on a workstand.

At River City Community Church (RCCC) kart-grid will be on the through-street between parking and track areas.  At time of karts gridding, traffic cones will be placed to prevent normal vehicular traffic through this grid area.  Personnel will also be placed at these points to prevent vehicular traffic and to monitor karts to enable a safe return to grid.

Junior karts will run in either the first or second session based on predicted weather conditions. Because of the required safety gearís inherent heating, during the hottest months session will be scheduled for the cooler first session, if at all possible.

Karts will run hot laps returning to grid immediately after completing their run. When all Karts have made their first run, second runs will commence  After completing the third run, a 5 minute break to allow drivers to catch their breath and to make adjustment to their equipment will be implemented.  After this break, allotted runs will resume until finished.

Announcement will be made from the timing trailer that while the Junior karts are making their runs that no vehicular movement is to take place.

Second drivers will take their session after first drivers have completed their runs.  A small break is to take place to get second drivers in place and gridded.

Any reruns needed will be taken at the end of that driverís session.

After the last Junior kart has finished, all karts will be pushed enmass from kart-grid back to their parking areas in paddock and announcement made as to other vehicles now free to resume moving.

Rules and Sportsmanship

These rules are provided for the safety of all participants. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disciplinary action. Minor infractions may result in verbal warning or time added to runs. Major infraction will result in more stringent punishment up to disqualification and being banned from future events.

In addition to safety violations, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from either the drivers or parents. Verbal and/or physical abuse of anyone including staff or other participants will be grounds for severe discipline.
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Re: Youth Kart Program for SASCA 2017
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2017, 09:58:59 PM »
BOD will be discussing what duties junior drivers will be allowed to do.
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