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New guy
« on: December 23, 2016, 09:48:50 AM »
Good morning all!  I'm John, and I'm really interested in yalls events.  I have a 73 Challenger that I've owned since 07, spent 3 years doing rust repair, and it's been a mostly completed cruiser since 2011.  I believe I would fall in the cam class, and I'm trying to ready the car for your February meet, I feel I need to stiffen the car up a little and upgrade brakes before I push her too hard.  Old mopars aren't known for being rigid, or great brakes when new, and that was 44 ago.  I'm also going to post under pit road as I do all my own work, an I'm happy to help out with other cars; no I'm not a nice guy, I learn tons working on others cars, and knowledge is power!

Car, suspension is mostly stock, front brakes are about to change to sn97 mustang baer units with 13 inch rotors. Motor is original 318 block, but is anything but stock, trans is original 3 speed auto that has been built.  From what I read she should still fall under cam class, but if not please say somehing!