SASCA Tech Party - Saturday, February 27, 2010

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SASCA Tech Party - Saturday, February 27, 2010
« on: January 22, 2010, 10:22:30 PM »
Annual Tech Inspection, Membership Drive and SASCA Show 'n Tell (aka Tech+PR@C&C)

Details of what we will be doing and what went on at the previous event can be found here:,4001.0.html
Everyone involved with the club, friends, and all periphery people will be associated with SASCA.  Everyone's actions impact the club's image and reputation.

-Drive like you would at any of our venues - gently, slow, no revving, burnouts or any other display.  Some folks know I'd be tempted to use lethal force to enforce this.

-Be friendly and talk to the general public.  

-Invite other cars & coffee participants to participate or show up for rides at our next event.  March 14 @ Blossom Athletic Center

-Give out the super secret URL:

-Put your numbers on your car, this is for Tech and Show 'n Tell.  If you have vinyl or magnetic numbers then display them.  Cobbled up blue painter's tape?  Use your judgement.
-Support those that support us, eat at Panera Bread.  Besides having surprisingly good food and coffee, they tolerate car people.
Annual Tech Inspection and Membership Drive -- Seek out Tom Conklin for payment of membership dues.  Our 2010 tech inspectors, Dalton Wall and Tia Lawrence will be on-site to verify that you can demonstrate how to properly tech your car before each and every event.

Membership dues are as follows:
-$25 one year membership for an individual
-$35 family membership

9am-ish to ??

-Show 'n Tell
-We will try to have a functional laptop on-site to show pictures/vids.
-Feel free to bring pictures and video on a CD.  Preferably related to local AutoCross events.

As the cars and coffee event starts to wrap up, we may lead a very small/short impromptu group drive on some fun back-roads nearby.
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