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Meetings / 2017 - #7 July Meeting Notes
« Last post by JeffCRZ on July 25, 2017, 10:27:52 AM »
2017 July Meeting

July 15th Event:
112 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:30pm
Course Designer: Michael Willman

18 Novices
    1st - Benjamin Schwartz (STU, WRX STi)
    2nd - Clayton Deering (STF, Focus ST)
    3rd - Erick Vazquez (STX, Fiesta ST)

Old Business
Metrics: Trailer uses about 2 gallons of diesel fuel per event.
New Trailer Lock installed
Need a cord reel or two for spare power cables
Still need heavier gauge power cable & reel for air compressor
Need a folding ladder to help prop the timing board on top of the trailer
Weighted bags would also help keep the timing board secure on top of the trailer
Any issues with FM reception?  We still need a solution to run a cable outside the trailer.

New Business
Timing Board would power-up with the ‘ready’ indication but would not display times.  Ricky Crow took it home to investigate.
Proposal: Install 80% IR tint on trailer windows to help those on the computer in the morning and help the AC run efficiently through an event.

Discussion Notes (July)
Adam talked about getting a quote for tinting the trailer windows to reduce glare on the timing computers.
Drones were brought up, again. We do not allow them over course, grid or paddock.

To Do List
Purchase heavy gauge power cable & reel for air compressor
Purchase folding ladder to reach top of the trailer
Purchase weighted bags to secure timing board on top of trailer

Upcoming Events
Jul 23        -    Spokes #7 @ CotA
Aug 12        -    SASCA #8 @ RCCC
Aug 27       -   Spokes #8 @San Antonio Raceway
Meetings / 2017 - #6 June Meeting Notes
« Last post by JeffCRZ on June 27, 2017, 11:21:33 AM »
2017 June Meeting
New location at Biffs Burgers.

June 10th Event:
151 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 4:00pm
Course Designer: Clay Brubaker
Joint event with Spokes

33 Novices
    1st - Mario Bautista (HS, Mazda AZ1)
    2nd - Mark Bray (STP, Mustang GT)
    3rd - Lester Ogawa (BSP, Cayman S)

Old Business
Trailer a/c worked fine through this event.

New Business
Mario Bautista requested discount for bringing 5 or more people in a group to a regularly scheduled event. *VETOED: By reason of the event fees already being the cheapest on the country by a long shot.
Need to measure the trailer coupler for a proper lock.
Discussion Notes (June)
There were a few new faces at the meeting. Meetings will be at Biffs thru 2017
Brian Burdette had an issue with not enough Novice help in 3rd heat.  Adam said he sent at least 2 people over; he will check on that after the meeting.
James Bricken realized his car needs to be in BSP instead of ASP.

To Do List
Need to purchase a heavier duty extension cord for the air compressor.
Need a folding ladder for the trailer.
Need to purchase an antenna extension.
Need to purchase sand bags for timing light.

Upcoming Events
Jul 2        -    Spokes #6 @ SAR
Jul 15        -    SASCA #7 @ RCCC
Jul 23        -    Spokes #7 @ CotA
Aug 12        -    SASCA #8 @ RCCC
Sept 4-8     -    SCCA Nationals
Meetings / 2017 - #5 May Meeting Notes
« Last post by JeffCRZ on May 04, 2017, 12:29:47 PM »
2017 May Meeting

April 29th Event:
132 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:30pm
Course Designer: Vivek Goel

30 Novices
    1st - William Rhodes (CS, Miata)
    2nd - Ben Gresham (BS, WRX STi)
    3rd - Dylan Cordell (GS, Hyundai Veloster)

Old Business
Transfer to the new trailer was a success.  Over 50 broken cones thrown out.  Lots of old equipment, junk, rusted items all thrown out.  Cabinets labeled.
Live Timing stopped working during Heat 1 but seemed to work after a computer reboot; we’ll keep an eye on this.

New Business
We severely need a computer training day or construct a screen-capture training video.
Diane said BMW club is considering having us host an event.  Xpel as sponsor?
Timing issues in heat 3 due to people getting air and getting in line from there. We will put the air compressor away from the grid traffic.
Need to communicate with course designer on Friday to find out where the start/finish will be so we can put the trailer in a good spot.
Ran out of ice in 3rd heat.
Karting day on May 14. Check Facebook or contact Drew Malkin for more info.
Jeff Chesnut will produce a promo video for the club's homepage.
FAQ for website

To Do List
Ricky will get more water before next event.
More trailer organization.

Upcoming Events
May 21    -    Spokes #5 @ CotA
Jun 2-4    -    SCCA Mineral Wells ProSolo
Jun 10        -    SASCA #6 @ RCCC
Jul 2        -    Spokes #6 @ SAR
Meetings / 2017 - #4 March Meeting Notes
« Last post by JeffCRZ on April 13, 2017, 12:59:49 PM »
2017 April Meeting

April 8th Event:
138 entries, 3 heats, 5 runs, finished by 3:15pm
Course Designer: Federico Del Toro

33 Novices
    1st - Joe Sexton (STU, BMW M3)
    2nd - Brian Bouvier (SS, Z06)
    3rd - Anthony Klarmann (FS, ‘14 Mustang)

Old Business
Business cards printed and available at the trailer. Everyone please grab a couple and hand them out to anyone you think might want to run with us.
Wristbands ordered.
Evo School went well.
Jon Parkoff fixed the leaks on the air compressor; the pressure gauge was leaking.
Cord reels purchased for audio cables.
Drywall was damaged from last event’s rain, the box was also crushed in… somehow.  Jeff Chesnut donated drywall and a new box was donated by Jon Parkoff.
Spot saved for food truck in the morning seemed to work well.  We will keep this business-as-usual.  Please inform people that arrive earlier than the trailer to save that spot

New Business
Trailer has arrived at Ricky Crow’s residence. 
The BOD will schedule a day for BOD and Chairs to transfer items to the new trailer and arrange it accordingly.  The original plan was to make a global club meeting but that may create “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario.  Thoughts? It should be ready for the next event.
Chris Leclair noticed an issue with Live Timing from Axware.  The main screen showed somewhat-live results, incomplete, but also noticed links to specific classes resulted in old results from 2016.  An e-mail has been dispatched to Vitek who manages the software.
Discussion Notes (April)

Cone Chalking to be added to the morning worker job.
Add an FAQ to help Novices figure out what class they’ll run.
Novice Chief will be out the next event or two.  Jeff Chesnut will be stepping in as interim.
Possibly get another timing display so we could see times from more than one angle.
Corpus club may be interested in buying our old trailer.

To Do List
Create talking-points list for announcer
Add to Event Meeting: no ecigs, throw away trash
Purchase clip boards to store cards and wristbands

Upcoming Events
Apr 29        -    SASCA #5 @ RCCC
May 7         -   Spokes @ COTA
May 21        -  Spokes @ COTA
Jun 10        -    SASCA #6 @ RCCC
Jul 15        -    SASCA #7 @ RCCC
General / Re: New SASCA Event Trailer
« Last post by b00std on March 23, 2017, 12:31:45 PM »
New Trailer build has been completed!  We're arranging the delivery.
Junior Karts / Re: Youth Kart Program for SASCA 2017
« Last post by b00std on March 09, 2017, 09:58:59 PM »
BOD will be discussing what duties junior drivers will be allowed to do.
Meetings / 2017 - #3 March Meeting Notes
« Last post by JeffCRZ on March 09, 2017, 10:11:25 AM »
2017 March Meeting

March 4th Event: Wet but not cold.
90 entries, 2 heats, 5 runs, finished by 2:15pm
Doubles cancelled due to low turnout
Course Designer: Federico Del Toro

14 Novices
    1st - William Rhodes (CS, MX-5)
    2nd - Ben Gresham (BS, STi)
    3rd - Anthony Klarmann (FS, ‘14 Mustang)

Old Business
Evolution Performance Driving School scheduled for April 1-2 @ Retama.  Price is $265 per Phase.  Registration closes the morning of March 29th.
$25 spent on Facebook advertising two weeks ahead of time.
Waiting on a call saying the new trailer is done. 

New Business
Business Card design is in done. Adam will try for a Kinkos not-for-profit discount on printing
Reminder to get fancy clipboards for cards & wristbands
Reminder to get cord reels for audio cables
Jon Parkoff is fixing broken connections on compressor.
Coffee truck will be called before each event as reminder
Hofbrau now has our 2017 schedule for meeting room
Possible in-event school next event if pre-reg reaches 120

Discussion Notes (March)

Have food trucks park closer

To Do List
Create talking-points list for announcer

Upcoming Events
Mar 24-26      -     Texas Tour at College Station
Apr 1,2           -      Evo School    -    @ Retama
Apr 8              -      SASCA #4 at RCCC

Events / Re: 2017 Index Factors
« Last post by b00std on March 07, 2017, 06:33:04 AM »
We'll check into that. Thanks, Rick.
Events / 2017 Index Factors
« Last post by rtp.rick on March 06, 2017, 10:12:21 AM »
The San Antonio Event on Saturday 3/4 seem to have a couple of Index factors off, specifically CS & FS, there my be others. I know the initial download from Axware has some incorrect numbers, that has since been corrected. Just wanted to give head's-up.

The Sunday results (with Spokes) seem to be O.K.

The factors can be found here:

Rick Ruth
Site Problems and Issues / Re: Registration issues
« Last post by Jimbo on February 23, 2017, 11:11:08 AM »
Hi Jimbo, sorry I thought we fixed that verbage on Axware when we moved to Saturday events.  I will go change them all to say Registration closes on Saturday before midnight.  Sorry for the trouble this caused.

Saturday or Thursday?  I saw another posting of someone asking this and you said the registration closes Thursday at midnight.
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